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Community Greenery

How do you think community greenery impacts our lives? Our team of young interviews have gone to our local community to find what makes our parks and green spaces so unique and vital for Canadian citizens in the Vancouver area.

Refugees and Immigration in Canada

With more immigrants and refugees entering the country, our community has grown more diverse and multicultural everyday. We wanted to get to know the community's opinions on immigration and how it's impacted our country, our community, and our personal lives.​​

School System

Youth are the future of tomorrow, but has the school system set them up for it? We had our local community deliberate the pros and cons, as well as things that the school system can improve on.

School's affect on students 

How many hours of homework do you think your average grade 10 student does per day? Maybe 1 or 2? Well, what if you heard that they do at least 6 hours? With up to 8 hours of school, 2 hours of extracurriculars, and sometimes a part-time job? it's hard to find time for students to get on top of all their school responsibilities. Those very same gr.10 students have ventured out to ask the community about this situation and how we can change it. 

Ride Sharing

Nowadays, you can call a ride anywhere with a click of a button. That is, except Vancouver. Every other major city in Canada has some sort of ridesharing company, like Uber, available. Is it time for Vancouver to catch a ride on the Ridesharing train? Well, we asked the transiting public what their thoughts on the situation are.

Homelessness Crisis 

With the rapidly increasing housing prices, it's almost impossible to find a place to live. And it certainly doesn't help the 1,522 people living in sheltered locations and 659 people living in the street. We asked our local community what city can do to combat this homelessness crisis.

Trophy Hunting

Trophy hunting - a sport dating way back to the late 19th century to hunt wild game of human recreation. Is it time we keep this sport in our history books? The Collingwood community shares what they think.