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Application Process

Curious about the program but not exactly sure how to apply? 
Here's what to do, step by step: 

1. Come to our Leadership INFORMATION NIGHT - November 3, 2023

  • Held on November 3, 2023  6:00pm-7:30pm. 

  • This event will give you better insight about the program and the learning environment we are trying to build. More importantly, the Info Night will allow you to meet some current Leadership students and staff!  We are looking forward to meeting you. 

  • For more information, click our info night page here

Missed it?  No worries! Here's a video version from 2020-21 with similar information

2.  Complete the 2024 Application digitally  - Due December 21, 2023

  • Step A:  Register at the VSB's centralized mini-school site

    • Please click here  

    • Dates: between November 14 - December 21

    • Register EVEN IF you are only applying for the Leadership program.  

  • Step B:  PREPARE your answers in advance

    • The  secure "VSB Survey" software used for our digital application does not allow you to save partway through the application and therefore it must be completed in one sitting

    • We recommend copying the following long answer questions and answering them on a separate document before you fill out the digital application (in step E below).

      • 1) Tell us what you are interested and involved in, in your school and community. (250 words max)

      • 2) Tell us more about one of the activities you listed above by explaining what your goals were, the role you played, and what you learned in the process. (250 words max)

      • 3) Tell us about your involvement with sustainability and/or social justice issues. If you don’t have any, then tell us what sustainability and/or social causes you would be interested in being involved with. (250 words max)

      • 4) Tell us about an experience, in school or out, that taught you something about yourself and/or the world around you (250 words max)​

  • Step C:  Scan Report cards

    • ​Please digitize your your end of year Grade 6 & most recent Grade 7 report card (with teacher comments)

    • scan and create a .pdf file or take  digital photos in .jpeg or .png formats

    • You will need to upload these into your application. 

    • You can also upload a .pdf scan or photo of a brief OPTIONAL reference letter from a community member commenting on your character and suitability for our program.  Please do not ask for letters from your classroom teacher - they have already written your report card. Please note that we do NOT put a lot of weight on reference letters and they are entirely optional. 

  • Step D: Develop ONE original work - your personal representation

    • This work acts as a personal demonstration of how you fit our program values of social justice, environmental stewardship, and community engagement

    • This can be in the form of

      • a 1-2 minute video about you. (If the file is too large to upload in your application, please include a link to where you have posted it online or email it to  Please keep the video files to a 2 minute maximum.

      • a poster, piece of art, or some other visual work (upload a photograph in .jpeg or .png format) with a brief written explanation

      • a 1-2 minute song (upload lyrics and song file)

      • a piece of writing

      • something else that makes sense for you - be creative!

      • Please note that we are NOT assessing the artistic merit of your work but instead are looking for evidence that you have thought about how you are a good fit for the Leadership program 

  • Step E: Complete the digital application (between October 25 - Dec 21)! Click here  for our digital application 

Application prepared? Click here!

  • If you have limited online access and need a physical copy of the application, please email


  • The Leadership team will use these applications to select a shortlist of applicants we feel are potentially  a good fit for the Leadership program.  These shortlisted applicants will then be invited to attend our Leadership Assessment Event. 

3. If selected, attend the LEADERSHIP ASSESSMENT EVENT  - January 31, 2024

  • Congratulations, you have made it this far! Unlike programs with an academic mandate, we do not use academic tests as part of our assessment night.  With Leadership, you won't be writing a math test or an essay, but instead you will be interacting with other people! We will be looking for evidence that your interpersonal skills and communication styles are a good fit for our program. 

  • The shortlisted applicants will be invited to attend  our assessment event.  

    • This will be an in person event at Windermere Secondary school 

    • Students will participate in large group and small group activities in which they will be able to showcase interpersonal skills like initiative, active listening, teamwork, and collaboration. The selection committee will be using behavioral observations and data to develop our final shortlist. 

  • Successful applicants will be emailed with information on when to attend and what to expect. 

  • Based on this assessment event we will develop a final shortlist of about 40 candidates.  We will then use a lottery system to select who receives offers to the program. 

4.  OFFERS to the Program

  • All mini schools (choice programs) give out first offers at the same time: February 28, 2024.  Be on the lookout for a phone call or email.  You will have 48 hours to accept or decline. Your acceptance must be received by noon on March 1, 2024 (2024 is a leap year).

  • Second offers are made on March 6, 2024.  You have 24 hours to accept or decline. 

More questions?

  • Please check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions here!  

  • Can’t find what you looking for? Please email the program coordinator, Petra Rempel at  or use the contact box below. 

Have a question? 

Thanks for reaching out. Ms. Rempel will be in touch soon. You can also call Windermere at 604-713-8180!


November 3, 2023 

  • Leadership Information Night from 6 -7:30 pm.  More information to come here

November 14, 2023- December 21, 2023

  • VSB District Mini-School General Registry open and closes.  You MUST register with the VSB if you intend to apply to any mini-school (choice program). Please do so here when link is available​​

December 21, 2023

  • Applications for Leadership and all district choice programs are due

January 31, 2024

  • We will email students who submitted a complete, on-time, and strong application an invitation to attend our mandatory  Leadership Assessment Event.  Please add to your safe senders email list.  Details to follow. 

February 28, 2024

  • First Offers are sent out by all programs. Students have 48 hours to accept or decline (deadline is Mar 1). 

March 6, 2024

  • Second Offers sent out by all programs. Students have 24 hours to accept or decline (deadline is March 8). 

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