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"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way." -John C. Maxwell.  We have a 20 year legacy of some amazing work in the community. Here are some recent examples of past projects started by our phenomenal students!
Co-ops In Schools

Co-ops in Schools (CIS) is a youth program with a goal to increase awareness of co-ops and credit unions, to connect our membership to youth and schools, and to bring co-ops into the curriculum. The program was designed to unite and mobilize the sector and change behaviour. 

Feminism Club

Feminism Club is an intersectional club that meets every Wednesday to discuss issues relating to feminism and gender. Out goal is to promote education and advocacy surrounding gender issues around the school, city, country, and world. In addition to feminism, we also focus on issues such as mental health, youth, and issues relating to race.

First Responders


The First Responders team at Windermere is a team of grade 11's and 12's who are certified in First Responder, CPR Level HCP, and AED. They respond to injuries that occur throughout the school day. These students respond to injuries and treat the injuries to their best of ability. Aside from using their first aid skills at school, they also attend events outside of school as first aid attendants to ensure the safety of the public. 

Garden & Orchard 

The garden and the orchard offer a dynamic outdoor classroom that not only connects students with food, but also provides opportunities to engage with the community and learn about the importance of local and organic food. No matter what grade you're in, everyone is welcome to join us, especially during the spring and summer season.

Leadership Mixers

Every month there are different events for all of the Leadership students meant to bring us closer together. Events will vary from month to month. Creating bonds with fellow Leadership students and removing age/grade gaps allows us to become more cohesive and presents easier opportunities for mentorship. Our October event was a Halloween movie night and November's was a games night.


The recycling program provides students the opportunity to develop communication and teamwork skills, which are vital traits for a leader. Grade 11/12 Leadership students are able to lead this program for the grade 8 Leadership students and the Life Skills Class.  The students get their hands dirty: collecting the recycling bins, sorting the recyclables and cleaning the recycling bins. This helps advocate for a greener school as we reduce the amount of waste that end up in the landfills. Youth take action on promoting environmental stewardship and social activism.


TEDxYouth@WSS is a student-led initiative branched from the independent TED conferences. TED is an internationally-known event that brings together the world’s leading thinkers and doers to share that matter in any discipline -- technology, business, entertainment, humanities, science. This is where TEDx comes to play, allowing organizers to combine speakers to create an experience which is tailored to the curiosities of their community. The conference aims to spread ideas and to inspire curious students with the story of people who achieved fascinating projects, often guided by passion. We believe that the power of ideas can change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world.

Windermere Bike Society

Windermere Bike Society is a senior student led project which focuses on providing by-donation bicycle mechanical services for the community. Mechanical service is provided at our HQ in a long, steel shipping container located on school grounds off the block of Lillooet st. and 27th Avenue. Unlike some conventional bike shops, we offer the choice of doing the work for our clients, or we can teach them the hands-on skills to fix their bikes.

Windermere Community Programs and Passion Project

The Passion Project is an after-school initiative that gives students exposure to different areas that they might be interested in. Throughout the course of the program, students explore their interests and ultimately find their passions. Our goal is to have approximately 10 students involved with the program. Students leave the program with a wider span of knowledge and experiences. In addition to trying new things, team building is a critical component to securing a safe environment for all participants. As the group will be working closely together, it is critical to understand the importance of trust, teamwork, and encouragement. 

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