Alumni Success

Scholarship Success vs Mainstream

1)  71% of Leadership grads won scholarships in 2016-17 and 100% of Leadership grads won scholarships in 2018-19.  In contrast, only 20% of regular student body won scholarships 

2) Governor General Awards (Academic Medal awarded to awarded to the student graduating with the highest average)  from 2013-2016 all won by Leadership students

Proportion of In-School  scholarships*

1) 2018-2019 school year: 24% of all in-school scholarships were won by Leadership students (24/83 Awards) 

2) Leadership student won Windermere's 

Top All-Around Award and Scholarship (2016, 2019)

3) Leadership student won Windermere's  Top Scholar Award (2017, 2019)
3) Danielle Horowitz Social Justice Award valued at $12,000 awarded to Leadership Grad in 2017

* Does not count scholarships awards by post-secondary institution*

Post Secondary Attendance

1) 93% of Leadership grads went to their first-choice post-secondary institutions as compared to BC's average of 45%

2) Only 7% of grads in 2017 did not go to the post-secondary institution of choice right out of high school

Alumni & Community Involvement 

"The leadership program has given me the opportunity to find my passion and explore topics and ideas in very holistic ways. What sets this program apart is its dedication to providing students the opportunities to develop skills in teamwork, innovation, relationships, and community; in very innovative ways. What the leadership program does is exactly what universities are working towards; community-based experiential learning; and I can honestly say the Windermere Leadership Program is leagues ahead of the universities in terms of how this type of learning is done and carried out. This program has made education truly meaningful to me, and I wouldn’t be the type of teacher, facilitator, community member, and human being without it.”


-Brendan Chan (2011 LDP grad)

“The Windermere Leadership program taught me that education can happen outside the classroom setting, especially the valuable lessons of life skills such as self-awareness and preservation. The program also provides alumnus to take on the mentor roles which provides opportunities to connect with leadership students, give back to the community and engage with outdoor youth initiatives.”


- Vive Wong (2003 LDP grad)

"The Leadership Program has had a significant impact on my life. Even now, 5 years removed from the program, I look back fondly on all the opportunities the program provided – relationship building with stakeholders in the community, experiential learning, camping trips, meaningful discussions about the state of the world, an avenue to make impacts at school and in the community, and many more.”


- Henry Lau (2012 LDP grad)

“Windermere’s Leadership Program offers local youth the opportunity to challenge themselves, learn in different ways and think beyond their school and into their local and broader community. As the program has existed for more than a decade we’ve watched youth who have gone through the program and completed post-secondary studies are now making their mark in the world as young leaders. We’re thrilled that some of them are among our staff at the neighbourhood house, making a difference and improving the lives of those living in Renfrew-Collingwood.”


-Jennifer Gray-Grant, Executive Director at Renfrew Collingwood Neighbourhood house

“The Windermere Leadership program creates opportunities for youth to explore and build confidence in themselves by tackling hard problems, following their intuition and growing something more than themselves. Every youth needs a safe place to explore, take risks, and learn from their successes and failures - that's what the Leadership Program is all about.”

-Marc Schutzbank, Executive Director at Fresh Roots Urban Farm 

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