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The Windermere Leadership Program offers active, involved, community-minded students unique learning opportunities.  Our program philosophy is based on three pillars: social justice, environmental stewardship, and community engagement. 

The Leadership Program gives students the opportunity to benefit from a mini-school setting while still being involved in the full school community. Classes are grouped so that students attend 4 Leadership-focused classes with their cohort on one day, alternating with 4 mainstream courses (including electives) on their non-Leadership day. 



The digital application for the Windermere Leadership Mini School be found by clicking below. 

(Please make sure to read all the instructions before starting. Have report card ready to upload and long answer questions ready to answer.) For application information please click HERE.

Note: the application for entry in September 2021 is NOT YET ACTIVE.  Please check back again in early October. 


For many years, the Windermere Leadership Program has been recognized for several awards. Having been involved in various events and projects, we’ve managed to earn the reputation as a community-minded program. Take a look at some of our awards we've won over the years.


The Leadership Program seeks candidates who are hard-working, motivated, and interested in new challenges to better themselves and their community. The desire to learn more, lead through actions, and communicate with others the importance of social responsibility, active citizenship, community involvement, and environmental stewardship are central to the students’ development as leaders. A key component to ensure ongoing success is to continue to work alongside students, guiding them in their projects and offering them new opportunities to continually ignite their passions.


We are located at 

Windermere Secondary School

3155 E. 27th Ave., 

Vancouver, BC  V5R 1P3

Tel: (604) 713-8180 



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